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Andy Indrans

Andy Indrans



I've been a keen amateur photographer for a number of years concentrating more on landscapes and travel photography. After moving from Melbourne (Australia) in late 2017 to Taradale, a small township in country Victoria, I have been inspired to capture the landscapes and history of the area.

This part of the world has a rich and diverse artistic community which is giving me the impetus to display my work in local galleries.


When I and my wife Di bought the property in Taradale we had the option to keep the existing sheep on the property or sell them. Naturally, after coming from a quarter acre block in suburban Melbourne we knew a everything about sheep husbandry!

Our saving grace is Russ who we call in for all things sheep (sheering, crutching, taking to market etc). The sheep are not pets, but they do keep the grass down on the 20 acres.

I'm a keen sailor, and although I live  just over 100km from the sea I get out about twice a month to race with the Classic Yactht Association of Australia. We own a Vertue class yacht called Corio Vertue and when not sailing her I am doing maintenance and restoration on her, See the Corio Vertue section for more about Corio Vertue.
Wooden Boat Restorer

I've been restoring Corio Vertue for over ten years. Most of the deck work and hull has been done, but the interior needs some work. Check out the sailing section for the restoration history.

Armchair Mountaineer

I got into rock climbing in my early teens in the UK and progressed to winter climbing in Scotland. In Australia when we got married I promised Di would give up rock climbing (although I did get a climb in when visiting friends in the Lake District in the UK).

I call myself an armchair mountaineer as I collect and read mountaineering books. I'm interested in the history of climbing especially in the era when climbing equipment was very rudimentary but amazing ascents of new routes were still made.

Cook and Bottlewasher

I enjoy cooking, especially Asian dishes. The rules of the house are the chef does not wash up, however this is not always true.

Business Analyst - Retired

I worked in IT for about 20 years and then segued to business analysis which I loved. After moving to Taradale I gave up full time work. Now I can spend more time with all the above. 

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