I have been taking photographs for quite a number of years now and have a collection of images dating back to 1964 mainly capturing my youth and exploits in the West Highlands of Scotland. These early image were captured on colour reversal film i.e. slides using quite basic cameras. However, the images have survived and I was fortunate enough to have them scanned in Kodak Photo CD format and cleaned them up using Photoshop.

It was probably when I bought my first SLR camera that I discovered a new photography. Having a wide range of shooting options, good exposure control and and a range of lenses gave me the opportunity to explore different photography horizons. This was the pre-digital age where the capture media was either B&W/colour negative or slides. Not having the skills or knowledge for photo processing my options for display were limited to slide shows (yawn!) or photo albums.

My first experience with digital imaging happened in the late 1990's when I was working at Kodak (Australia) on a project for the digitisation and fulfillment of customer photos and return them as novelties such as tee-shirts, mugs, cards, or enlargements. However, I did see my first image from a 2 mp Kodak digital camera. 

The  first digital camera I bought was in 2004 was a 4mp Canon Powershot A85. At the time I was a bit ambivalent about DSLRs, but when Canon released the 40D in 2007 I really wanted one, but the price tag at the time was a bit high. Come 2009 the price for a body  was affordable so I'm still the owner of a 40D. Compared to current DSLRs in that range it's probably a bit of a dinosaur; it's quite heavy (I call it "the Beast") and does not have all their bells and whistles. However, it still takes very good images, and with the 10 mp I can print up to 24x36in (600x900mm), with a magnesium body and weather proofing it's very robust, and more to the point it fits like a glove in my rather large hands.

The downside is travelling with the 40D. Although I only take the one lens (Sigma f2.8, 17-50 mm) it still take up room in the carry on bag, gets a bit heavy when sightseeing, and is a bit of a nuisance when going out in the evenings to restaurants/events.

In 2017 Di and I planned  a holiday to Italy and Latvia where we would use trains and airplanes for internal transport. To ease the pain we decided to only take carry on luggage, consequently "the beast" was a no starter. I had owned  number of point and shoot cameras and had been very disappointed in their lack of an optical or electronic viewfinder so my search for a travel camera would need to have a viewfinder. My choice was the Lumix (Panasonic) TZ80 and it worked beautifully and was used to capture the "Swingbridge Rd" images in the photo gallery.

But, check this, the little Panasonic has a 400 page manual, whereas the D40 is only 180!

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