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I have been taking photographs for quite a number of years now, mainly recording travels, events and special occasions. It's only when I moved to Taradale that I started to take a keen interest in the art of photography and have been able to exhibit my work.

I don't have lot of gear, and it is the most up to date. My venerable Canon 40D serves me very well for my photographic excursions. A lovely little Panasonic Lumix with a Leica lens is great for travel (especially with its amazing 24-720 mm focal length lens, and electronic view finder). My work horse lens is a f2.8 Sigma 17-50mm, and telephoto is a Canon 70-200 mm  f4 lens. There is a sturdy Manfrotto tripod and all the bits and pieces for maintaining the equipment and protecting from the elements. 

Ansell Adams has be been an influence on my work and I follow his dictum "you don't take a photograph, you make it". I get a great pleasure in the post processing of images. There are always tweaks and adjustments that need to be made to capture my thoughts and emotions that for taking the photo.

My post processing software includes:

Adobe Light room - great for storing, categorizing and key wording images. The Development component is slider based so image adjustments can be made very easily. It's a non destructive image application.

Adobe Photoshop - a terrific application if you know how to drive it. I use it mainly to remove blemishes and unsightly components like phone wires and road signs

Nik Collection - I use this application purely for my b&w images. It has a unique way of making adjustments using control points which can be placed anywhere on the image. The control points have individual sliders with multiple adjustment. It's brilliant!

Luminar 4 - a new kid on the block, but very interesting as it uses artificial intelligence for making adjustments to the image. It is very similar to light room, but only cost $100. One of its selling points is that you can seamlessly change skyscapes with a couple of clicks oft he mouse. This not possible with any of the above apps.



Taradale is a small country township in central Victoria of Australia. As a relatively new arrival to Taradale I have been inspired by the landscapes and their historical artifacts. This inspiration has also been fuelled by the creativity of the diverse artistic community in this region.

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The Colours of Taradale

One of the delights of living in Taradale are the dramatic cloudscapes that pass over it and the changing light they create. In summer you have to get up early to capture some dramatic sunrises. In autumn the there is a kaleidoscope  of colour in the deciduous trees, and the sunsets can be spectacular. Winter is the only month when the colours become quite muted. However, the light can be quite dramatic when the sun peaks through the clouds to highlight some part of the landscape. These are fleeting moments and usually happen when a camera is not at hand.
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Classic Yacht Photography

The Challenges of Yacht Photography  

It's very hard to take photos of other people's boats when you are sailing your own. When my boat was out of the water for one race I had the opportunity to go out on the chase boat and get some photos of the yachts. 

Photographing yachts is not that simple. You have to know the course being sailed so you can be in a position to catch some action when the yachts are coming up to the turning marks.  Having a good boat driver is essential as you do not want to interfere with the race, but do want to get close up to the yachts.

The photo platform is quite low so there is always some spray present even in quiet conditions, consequently you are constantly wiping spray from the camera and lens.

Yacht photography is quite energetic as you are constantly moving around the boat  to get the best shots. You cannot really stand up in a rocking boat. 

All my sailing photographs have been taken during Classic Yacht Association of Australia (CYAA) events on Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne.

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