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An Amazing Encounter

I submitted the following post on the Wooden Boat magazine restorer's forum back in 2008

Corio Vertue - she's a boat now! Posted: 07-07-2008

I'ts taken nearly 5 years to get Corio Vertue to this stage so I'm blowing my trumpet again!.
Check out: my website  for progress over the last few years.

Most of my inspiration and dedication to othe task has come from this site and I thank all contributors. There is more work to be done but I can at least now live on board, and sail with a new set of sails and they are working just fine!

Unbeknown to me the following item was posted in 2010.

Re: Corio Vertue - she's a boat now! Posted: 08-11-2010

Hi Guys,

The Corio Vertue was my Grandfather yacht, he was the first owner, he raced it before I was born. We did some sailing together, but not enough. We never talked much until he got really old and we started talking about ocean racing, International Dragons, Ecthells, a friend's teak Cheoy Lee (Marco Polo) that I borrowed a few times and of course the Geelong Footy Club. I'm in Sydney now and he cherisihed my calls.

When he passed away he left me the trophies, a brief log, photos and a model (to scale) of the Corio Veture. I see the Corio Veture everyday its in my lounge room (don't laugh I'm a tragic). The Devenport trophy and photos, (I scanned) and gave to my Mum.

So when I tripped over Andy's Web page and this forum I was amazed. I had given up on the yacht ever being restored, I heard you raced it in the Geelong regatta.

There are many stories, about how the keel was laid up, running repairs, beating Lou Abraham's (46 timber SS Vittoria) and more. Andy if you want the original race medallions there all yours, they belong on the yacht not under my house in a box.

She is a narrow girl....but it will go anywhere, Andy well done, the yacht looks brilliant.

If anybody know's how to get in touch with Andy please do.



I got news of this post only when one of the Wooden Boat forum members contacted me directly to indicate that Stuart was trying to get in touch with me. We eventually got in touch with each other and as he was coming down to Geelong for Christamas I invited him and his father to come and see Corio Vertue at Westernport Marina. Stuart brought the medallions he was talking about which will eventually adorn VC's bulkhead, and also his father's scrapbook of Corio Vertue. We spent a lot of time talking about CV and Wil Heard.

Stuart also came down to Geelong in 2011 and I invited him and his father to come out for a sail at Williamstown where CV is currently based at Hobson's Bay Yacht Club. On this trip Stuart presented me with some of CV's racing pennants, including her RGYC burgee.

Stuart Clarke (right) Wil Heard's grandson
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